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One of the things that I was shopping for at IML this year was some new rubber. Last year I purchased a rubber singlet from Recon, but unfortunately the thing lasted 6 months before it failed on me in the middle of a scene (ugh!) so I was hoping for something a little more reliable and of higher quality.

Prior to heading to the event I cruised the list of vendors and noticed the E7 listing, checked out their stuff online, and immediately knew this was going to be one of the must stops on my tour through the mart, and they didn’t disappoint.

Now my partner will likely say that my purchases from E7 was partially influenced by the attention of the sales boy, Skinboy1, and he would be partly right. He was incredibly helpful, and very complimentary of my first item I tried on, the Surfsuit shown below (mine doesn’t have the red stripe). After trying it on I know that I had to have it and immediately purchased it. This is the suit that I wore under the bondage suit listed in my recent IML story.

At the same time I also purchased a set of matching arm bands, which makes for a fun look all the way around, and I have been wearing them often since.

On the second trip to the leather mart I took a look at a zip front shirt that caught my eye, as it was all in yellow (also pictured below). Now I have only recently started to get into colored rubber gear, having just purchased a blue shirt from Ebay shortly before the event, and finding the different colors fun. Perhaps donning this yellow shirt for the Sunday night hangout in the lobby helped with the fun had with the owner of E7, which was a great cap for that night.

The gear is all very well done, and a nice thickness. I know that my future rubber gear purchases will be coming from this site, and I encourage you to check them out as well! You won’t be disappointed.

Check them out at their website: http://www.e7gear.com/

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