Episode 09 – TJ and Brett

For this episode we are going to introduce you all to our friends TJ and Brett! They are local kinksters that just came together very recently. We talk about what it is like to start a relationship with the dynamics they have, like being two kinksters with similar and different kinks, dealing with age difference and everything in between. This is just the start, we want to bring these two boys back to talk even more about kinky relationships.

We’re getting to know every kinkster one story at a time!


Show Notes

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Discussion Topics

  • How long into kink
  • What you are into
  • New couple
  • Age Difference


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One Response to Episode 09 – TJ and Brett

  1. SockMunkey Kel (@MunkeyClubhouse) April 22, 2013 at 11:47 PM #

    As a kinky guy in a relationship with a similar age gap to that of TJ & Brett, it was great to hear a positive take on age difference. Lots of laughs in this episode, as well as some groans as I realized how old and outdated my music is–how can Erasure be old man music??.

    You guys are always fun & informative when it comes to the kinky lifestyle…keep up the good work!

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