Episode 11 – Knotty Brent

Hey all, been looking forward to sharing this episode for a while now! We had on rope bondage enthusiast KnottyBrent, who is the Mr Powerhouse Leather 2012 and the current Northern California Leather Sir 2013.

He was up to be a judge for the Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy’s boy contest, held in October of 2012. Here at NoSafeWord we have been recording episodes for a while now, putting those shows in the can while we worked out a few things on the website development side. These canned episodes then are held in reserve until there is  week when we can’t record a new show (like this week, Sparky is on the road).

It was a great discussion to learn more about Brent and where he came from, his recent foray into titles and getting into kink, and finding his talent for rope!

Plus we start off the show talking about Daddy Tony’s and Mikey’s hosting of the contest that night as well, which ended up being a great time to watch them in action (not that kind of action, I mean hosting action, jeez!)

This was a fun show and a great time getting to know Brent, so I am very pleased to bring this show to you now!


Show Notes

Discussion Topics

  •  Heading to kink because of the finding out he was HIV
  • Always have been into bondage – true for other people. For him, it was the discovery very late in the system
  • Did some work professionally in bondage
  • Served as Mr PowerHouse Leather 2012

About Our GuestKnotty Brent

Knotty Brent has been tying up boys since 2010. While relatively new to kink and BDSM, Brent brings energy, irreverence and detailed knot work to the table.

His style combines shibari knots and techniques learned at SF Ring with decorative touches borrowed from traditional marlinspike seamanship. Brent regularly performs for BEATPIG every 3rd Saturday night at Powerhouse and has performed at the Edge, Chaps II and The Eagle in SF. He has also performed at The Bolt in Sacramento and IML 2011 for COLT Studios, for whom he does rope bondage work for the studio’s new brand, Bound Jocks. Fetish artist Nancy Peach recently opened a show at Wicked Grounds where two of her paintings feature his ropework.

Brent is honored to have recently won the title of Northern California LeatherSIR 2013 and will spend the year not only uniting Sacramento and the Bay Area but also going to smaller towns and bringing the San Francisco kink scene to them.

Find Brent on Facebook, Twitter, and Recon.


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