Episode 12 – SoundsFun

We recorded this episode with outgoing leather title holder SoundsFun (Damien) the same night we recorded Episode 11 with Knotty Brent. He is a local kinkster, and someone that I had played with back when he first started to get involved in play. The night of the recording was the night he was stepping down after a year as the Seattle Leather Daddy’s boy title holder for 2012.

We spend some time with him talking about what it has been like having a title and balancing the work that may involve with rest of his life. We learn more the leather contest system and why people get involved.

We have been looking forward for a chance to share with you this interview so you get a chance to get to know SoundsFun a bit more!


Show Notes

Discussion Topics

  • Porn – It helped inspire him, got to doing more creative rope bondage
  • Transition from being mostly bottom to a versatile/top
  • Kinky education, learning rope skills, mentors

About Our Guest

SoundsFun, or Damien (not to be confused with DVous1) is a local leather boy in Seattle. Besides some work in kinky porn as a bottom, he recently served as the Seattle Leather Daddy’s boy 2012. Find him on Facebook and Recon.


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