Episode 13 – Last Few Inches with Hypnosis

After the end of the last episode with Neil, we had put out to our listeners the opportunity to ask Neil some questions about hypnosis, and we received several really great questions. So, we scheduled this show as the follow up to go a little deeper into the subject.

We hope you enjoy this episode, it was another fun discussion!


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Listener Questions

  • KinkZombie – Hello my rubber and leather bound cock floggers, Could Mr.Hypno give some resources for getting started with hypno? I have seen sites like WarpMyMind but the whole thing has an insider baseball feel. Any books, websites or anything else would be appreciated. (Neil refers to a book by  C. Roy Hunter – The Art of Hypnosis)
  • Cubskin – Hey Guys. Loving the new format podcast… Still got a couple to catch up with but had skipped ahead to ep6 with Neil and the hypno discussion as I had a meet arranged this week with a top also very much into this area. The Top has plenty of experience but unfortunately he was unable to get me to go under properly in our first play and we are going to try again but I guess my question for Neil is this something he comes across frequently and does he have any tips for me to help me relax and get into the right frame of mind? Working in IT I have quite an active/analytical mind which I guess doesn’t help… Don’t think I’m gonna be picked by any stage hypnotizes anytime soon lol
  • Dan – I was hoping you could ask Neil about what goes on during a paid erotic session. I’m a straight man with a hypno fetish who is very interested in an experience similar to what was described in this article: http://www.vice.com/read/erotic-hypnosis-gave-me-the-most-intense-orgasm-of-my-life . I have also wanted to know what it feels like to be a woman, is that possible with hypnosis?
  • Jpup1 aka Jordan – Hey guys, Here are a few questions about hypno for some more info
    • 1. Is there any way to leave hypnotic suggestions in place for longer periods of time than just a single session? For example cues and behaviors that help someone get into pup space easier or something?
    • 2. What are your thoughts about self hypnosis tracks like those offered on warpmymind.com
    • 3. Is there any way to combine erotic hypno and self improvement hypno at the same time?
    • 4. Are there any downsides to doing hypnosis? Other than malicious persons who would take advantage of you while you were in the trance
    • 5. Can you use hypnosis to help enforce chastity for a sub without a physical device?
  • Nightcat – Hello. I figured I would email you both my questions. So a little back ground: I’ve always been a little skeptical about hypnotism and whether it can really work or not. But I’ve always found the idea of it very hot. Now, after hearing the podcast, I really want to try it.
    • So, about 4 years ago my mom was diagnosed with emphysema. She tried everything in the book to quit smoking. As a last resort she tried hypnosis. Her first session she went into a deep sleep rather quickly. The hypnotist said my mom was super easy to get to go under. The hypnosis worked after a few sessions and she no longer smokes or has any desire to.
    • So my question: Is how your mind works hereditary. You see over and over again children picking up personality traits from their parents. Is it possible that because my mom went into the trance so easily that I could as well?
    • My next question is: There is a local group of Furs in the Seattle area that dabble in hypnosis. Nothing professional. I’m curious about going to them to get some experience. Neil touched a little bit on it and said it was fairly safe. I want to make sure that there is nothing that could accidentally go wrong with someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing. I’m a big fan about playing safe in all things that I do.

About Our Guest

Neil has been doing hypnosis since 2001, at first as a hobby (and tool of sexual exploration) and since 2009, as a full-time job. Practicing hypnosis lead him to discover his dominant side and explore the BDSM world. Neil lives in New York City. Find him on TwitterRecon, and his blog The Erotic Hypnotist.


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