Episode 17 – Daddy Jeff, Part 1

We have been looking forward to this interview for sometime, and so glad we were able to get Daddy Jeff to come join us!

Daddy Jeff has been in the leather BDSM community for years, having started Seattle Men in Leather 25 years ago, and been a part of the kink history in the Pacific Northwest. We spend some time learning about Jeff’s personal history and his partner “Puppy”. We talk about community and community building, and the leather bar culture from his perspective.

Now, NoSafeWord is not just a Seattle show, we are talking to people from all over the world, but at the same time we wanted to honor Jeff’s recent retirement from Head of Security at the Cuff. But even more so, we think that there is an interesting comparison that can be made between what it is like now for kinksters in the community and what it was like back when some of these communities are just getting started.

So sit back and enjoy, we get into a lot! And join us in a few days for the second part of this great interview!

Be sure to read the great article about Jeff written by Tyesha Best on Leatherati.


Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • Seattle Leather History,
  • Bars Clubs and More,
  • Building Communities One Bottom At a Time,
  • Mentoring
  • Titles
  • About his store, Dog House Leathers

About Our Guest

Living life and taking on those who seek to understand how we got here and where we might be going on this magical journey we call Leather. Daddy Jeff can best be described as a survivor. Starting in 1981, he has survived producing way too many fundraisers and contests, serving on numerous boards and committees, being a neighborhood activist, a historian, managing a large nightclub and owning a leather shop, two leather titles, HIV and one near death bout of Fungal Meningitis. He has survived and thrived with the help of Dan “Puppy” Daniels, his partner of 20+ years.

Daddy Jeff is the Founder of Seattle Men in Leather (1989), Seattle largest Men’s Club, a Manager of The Cuff Complex and Owner of Doghouse Leathers. Currently, he is the President of the Washington State Mr/Ms Leather Organization. He has been working with the Mr/Ms Leather and the Drummer/LeatherSir titles for over 25 years now. Jeff was Seattle Leather Daddy 1998 and was honored with the title of Seattle Leather Grand Dad 2012 based on his history of being a mentor. He is a member of Mama’s Family, LA&M, and is the Patriarch of the Bear Clan.

Find Daddy Jeff on Twitter and Facebook.


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