Episode 19 – Pup Topher

For this one, we talk with a long time friend of ours, Pup Topher, who we have referred to on the show as Pup Chris. He is the puppy to Daddy Chuck, who introduced Damien and Sparky to him.

He has had quite the journey for coming out and discovering kink, as well as just trying to learn how to communicate while in a relationship. He lived all over, had a variety of jobs and not so great relationships, so we get down and dirty into find all about it. It is an interesting story.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Show Notes

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Discussion Topics

  • Growing up gay in Texas
  • Getting bankrupted from the first boyfriend
  • Booking strippers
  • Second relationship with a military man (married)
  • Becoming a boy to a “master”
  • Back to the military man
  • Communication in relationships

About Our Guestpup topher close up

Pup Topher, otherwise known as Puppy Chris, grew up in a ‘red state’ and took a different path to self actualization. After a slow start and coming out later than most people do today, he ended up booking strippers, tending in a gay bar and being a kept boy. Throughout that he learned a couple of lessons about communication, relationships and making sure you can stand on your own. And while he’s always enjoyed being a sub, he’s also learned that it doesn’t mean being a victim.

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One Response to Episode 19 – Pup Topher

  1. Daddy Chris May 13, 2013 at 4:43 AM #

    Really great show guys!! I was anxiously waiting to hear the interview with puppy! I knew some of puppy’s past but your emphasis on communicating in a relationship and as a kinkster was very insightful and relevant. I think others will enjoy the value of what you discussed.

    -Daddy Chris

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