Episode 255 – Proud of Pride

Description of Show

We’re sharing our experiences with the Pride Parade over many years in the community. Also, how it feels different in the era of Trump. Much has changed from our attitude to our pride flag. This year we’re involved as well and we talk about what we’re doing new this year.

 Show Notes

  • What Now?!
    • Violence against LGBT people exists and is a growing concern even in formerly safe refuges. Be careful and watch your back when you’re suckin’ dick.
  • In the News
    • Apparently, on Southwest you can masturbate during an entire flight. Sign me up!
    • A viagra subscription could ruin your marriage if you’re dumb enough to not use it on her too. Does that make CVS liable?
    • The FDA approves Truvada (PrEP) for at-risk adolescents (15-17).
    • A man used an alligator to hold another man captive for $800 ransom.
    • Two Canadians were covered in liquid plane poo which covered them and their car.

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