Episode 203 – Harshing My Buzz

Description of Show

Sex, drugs, and beating balls. On this episode we have a discussion with Ungagged hosts Drew and Mikey about drugs, sex and kink. We go down a list of the most popular drugs and talk about our experiences of each. Some of them are awesome and totally safe to use in a controlled situation, others you had best steer clear!

Show Notes

  • Introducing Now What? our new recurring segment for the show. We decided in this new political era to take proactive action to protect our rights.
  • Sparky runs down a list of Senators to target, support, and watch to get ready for the next midterm election in 2018.
  • Our topic is drug use in kink play and sex. We are exploring this topic to be open beyond the stigma and share our own experiences from the past.
  • Pot has so many code words! As it is legalized, it is becoming a lot more common as a part of sex the way that alcohol has been. “I have introduced plenty of people to pot for the first time!” “Tell me more about it, Bill Cosby?”
  • Heroin or opium has strong effects and is very addictive. It’s dangerous to use in risky sexual situations and the effects are so strong that we would never suggest or consider it for sexual play (or for any other use).
  • “I love me some cocaine, if there was some cocaine here right now I would snort it!” We take a trip back to the 80’s and talk about why coke isn’t terrible in general. However it’s not completely compatible with sex or kink play for everyone. It can kill your boner.
  • Methamphetamine have similar effects to cocaine, but much more addictive. It can have devastating effects with long-term use. We don’t recommend trying it and won’t play with others using it.
  • Party drugs like MDMA and Ecstasy makes everything in the world feel sexy, except maybe sex itself. Some say it makes for the best sex they ever had. There’s an alphabet soup of different cocktails and combos of drugs that some think have the best feeling, but generally you’ll have to pay for the pleasure on the other end. “She took her shirt off… and I remember playing with her boobs and having the best time!” 
  • K. This special drug was developed to knock out horses. You can fall into a K hole and just be happy existing. It probably will make you boring, which isn’t very sexy. Similar drugs are PCP and Salvia. They get you disoriented and you will make bad choices.
  • Hallucinogens make every boring situation seem exciting thanks to the phantom dicks popping out of every surface. Some really love sex with them, although it’s not compatible with most kink play. “That can be the worst 20 minutes of your life trying to eat a bag of mushrooms.” 
  • Know your environment and don’t over-do it. Do your research and talk to a friend. Keep this number and call for help if it is not an emergency: U.S. Poison Control Hotline 1-800-222-1222. Visit Drugslab on YouTube to see some scientifically presented visuals of the effects of different drugs.


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