Episode 205 – Totally Masc 4 Masc, Bro

Description of Show

We are talking with our friend Debit (first debuted on the show in Episode 51 – Covering Recovery and has been back many more times) about masculinity and identity issues within the kink world.

Show Notes

  • Douche Pickle of the Week: Women Trump Supporters Close Their Accounts At Nordstrom For Dumping Ivanka
  • Sparky is now on the path to join the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
    • DFT and Debit share their journeys as Sisters themselves
    • There is growing acceptance of fem, drag, and trans people in the leather community
  • The group discusses masculinity and those that broadcast that they are only looking for “masc”
  • Publicly declaring who you aren’t “into” is negative energy that stigmatizes people
  • Sparky played with a whiny lispy fem-bot, and he used to be called Chanté
  • Cologne is not a good idea if you don’t know your partner likes it
  • We respect all gender-identities and misgendered colloquialisms are not the same as disrespecting trans men and women
  • DFT wants to do a gender mind fuck scene
  • The sisters are becoming more interwoven in the kink community since they share missions and members


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