Episode 206 – Newfoundcock

Description of Show

We are talking with one of our listeners, MaskdCat, about the challenges organizing events for kink groups.

Show Notes

    • Douche Pickle of the Week: Caitlyn Jenner…and this:
  • Our guest, MaskdCat, talks about spandex, rubber, and how he even gets into different headspaces with the different materials.
  • Professional wrestling: a gateway drug to kink?
  • Talking about Toronto and the scene there, notably TORN – Toronto Ontario Rubbermen Network
  • How can organizations manage fundraising without being seen as asking folks too often for money? Sparky makes the point that clearly communicating the reason why funds are being raised is crucial.
  • Organizational drama: What are the issues that affect all organizations?
    • Some give their time too freely and others don’t at all.
    • Knowing the motivations of different members can be helpful, but it’s not a question to ask in a public meeting setting
    • To avoid the risk of burnout, Sparky talks about the importance of clearly-written by-laws that lay out the responsibilities of each officer of the organization as well as clearly stating the purpose of the group.
    • Working smarter and not harder: Invest time in reducing repetitive tasks.


Mr. S Leather Co.

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About our Guest

MaskdCat is a luchador kitty with fetishes for spandex, rubber, and many other types of hoods and gear. It all started with a wrestling mask at a young age, and things escalated from there.

Currently residing in the Toronto area, he is also one of the organizers for the Toronto Rubbermen, a social group who promote an inclusive space for rubbermen to socialize and celebrate life in rubber.

He can be found on Twitter under the @MaskdCat handle, and he also has a tumblr with plenty of gear smut at maskdcat.tumblr.com

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