Episode 207 – Lawd Have MIR-cy

Description of Show

Our guest on the show is Preston ‘Wexx’ So, Mr. International Rubber 2017.

Show Notes

  • In the News: A politician running for Arizona governor is actually honest…about his sex life.
  • Preston vs Bill O’Reilly:
  • MIR – Preston talks about the night he assumed his title…and a few of the more interesting parts of the contest…and it involved penetration.
  • First Asian international title-holder. Preston talks about race and kink and their interactions.
  • Unfortunately, Trump’s election reverberations even affect major kink events. Preston tells us about a fellow attendee of a major leather event who had pushed him out of an elevator and invoked Trump’s election for the reason why.
  • Preston speaks of those who are in the Asian community and their views of kink. In comparison, he talks about Margaret Cho and how even she is looked upon negatively in the Korean community due to her open sexuality.
  • Boston Pride and Preston: Preston gets to share his kink, while he is openly gay, with his co-workers.
  • Race itself being fetishized. Preston talks about his experiences of that happening…and how it seems to be a uniquely American thing.
  • Rubberize the World! Preston wants to expose the world to rubber and share the love of rubber with countries around the world…and to promote enthusiasts everywhere to be open about their love of rubber.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Stainless Steel Nut Tugger


About our Guest

*Preston “wexx” So* is Mr. International Rubber 20 (2017) and Mr. New
England Rubber 2016. The first international fetish titleholder of Asian
heritage, he is honored to bring the MIR title back to New England and
the New England Rubber Men. Previously, Preston was the resident
materials expert at Harvard College Munch, the BDSM student organization
at his alma mater, where he educated other members about leather,
rubber, spandex, and similar fetishes at a time when the group was
vilified by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News as a university-funded “sex club.”

Proud to practice his passion by wearing latex out regularly, Preston
enjoys mentoring new rubberists regardless of their gender or sexuality,
especially through latex fetishism workshops at DV8/Purple Passion and
Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend (CLAW). As an international
titleholder, he has appeared on Vice.com and Watt’s the Safeword to
promote and foster latex fetishism. Preston’s mission as Mr.
International Rubber 20 is to rubberize the world — to bring the latex
fetish to places further afield and especially to unawakened rubberists.

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