Episode 208 – Rude Screwed and Tattooed

Description of Show

Our guest on the show is Sister Domine Trix, AKA Russ, of the Abbey of St. Joan (Seattle chapter) of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Show Notes

  • What now? We live in stressful times, so be sure to get away from the news headlines and go for a walk, relax, get a blow job! Keep informed, but don’t get too obsessed with it all.
  • In the News: Gasp! Gaydar isn’t real, according to science.
  • Russ and Daddy Tony talk about the Sisters and the crossover between Sisterhood and kink. Some arrived in kink via Sisterhood and vice versa.
  • Russ is quite the tatted-out Sister…with over 250 hours of ink work on his body. He discusses how tattoos have helped him to embrace his own body image of parts of his body that initially he was not as proud of.
  • How do we choose what tattoos go on our body…and what are our personal boundaries on what should not go on our bodies?
  • Speaking of personal boundaries…Russ asks why many people who see others with tattoos often will lift up the tattoo owners’ clothing (without asking!) when they see parts of tattoos obscured by clothing.
  • Tattoos in unusual or very visible locations (face, hands) and is it always wise to have those when you are very young?
  • Those who “look/seem like they would not have tattoos” who do. Breaking stereotypes is healthy…and can be very erotic!
  • Russ is also is a belly dancer instructor…actually one of the first certified male belly dance instructors.


Mr. S Leather Co.

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About our Guest

Russ is many things. He is a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, a Tribal Belly Dancer/Teacher, a burlesque dancer, an Emcee, and a Project Manager in the Power Industry. He keeps himself busy by lifting heavy things and putting them back down and also by getting tattooed.

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