Episode 211 – Daydream Believer

Description of Show

Our fantasies…ourselves. This week we talk about fantasies and the different ways they manifest themselves…both in the real world and in our minds.

 Show Notes

  • What Now? Voting. Be registered. Don’t wait until right before an election. Register now at vote.org.
  • In the News: When BDSM and a popular, open-source software application collide: Quiet Kinkster Kicked Out of Drupal.
  • Fantasies. Daddy Tony is asked about his, and if they are actively integrated in his life.
  • Sparky relates how his fantasy boundaries work, which are mainly ones that are in the realm of the possible or achievable.
  • Limits to fantasy actualization:
    • Political correctness involving race or age
    • Dropping out of careers for 24/7/365 fantasy
    • Those that cause life-altering physical harm to themselves or others
  • Sparky talks about how his fantasies are more situational and are based on real people he sees from day-to-day.
  • Dark fantasies. Physical harm or violence. Some fantasy actualization could actually cause emotional harm to themselves over concern and seeing the real reactions of the other participants.
  • Hey listeners, we want to hear about your fantasies. Are they possible? Have you ever regretted making a fantasy come true? Tell us about it at [email protected].



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