Episode 212 – Hot Daddy On Daddy Action

Description of Show

We speak to Daddy James, a trans-man who talks about how his kink and his gender identity intersect.

 Show Notes

  • What Now? Maybe we should consider a bomb shelter?
  • In the News: Chechnya and the establishment of gay concentration camps. Here is how you can help stop the practice and work is proceeding on helping gay men evacuate Chechnya.
  • Our guest, Daddy James, talks about his life as a trans-man, and the different transitions he has made.
  • James talks about how being a boy for a Sir helped him to reinforce his gender identity.
  • Youth and the daddy role – With Daddy James being 25, he tells us how he deals with a certain ageist attitude.
  • Daddy James provides some advice to younger daddies on how to project your inner-daddy without having to be an overly aggressive douchebag.
  • Daddy James talks about his time as a puppy and how he has mentored others in the puppy community and how dominance can still be shown within a puppy/dog headspace.



In the fall of 2014, Daddy James began his life in Leather as a service boy to SIR Quinn as a member of the Skullfucker Leather family. In this role, he learned about Leather traditions and was mentored in the role and responsibilities of being a Dominant. Seeking a way to express himself and his identity further, he also became active in the Seattle pup community as a highly energetic Jack Russell Terrier named Chance. In the winter of 2015, he earned his Leather-pup hood as a right of passage from boy/puppy to Daddy/Handler.

Daddy James is the owner and crafter at Howling Pup Leather. He is also an out and proud transgender man who advocates for kink spaces to be trans positive, as part of their greater commitment to body and sex positivity.


Mr. S Leather Co.

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