Episode 215 – Foot in Mouth, Please

Description of Show

Today, at popular request, we talk about feet! Despite Sparky’s personal aversion, we brought on a veritable foot fetish expert, author James T. Medak, to talk to us about all things feet. This is also perhaps our most pun-filled episode to date!

Show Notes

  • In the News
  • Podophilia – Foot Worship!
    • Our guest was suggested by fan of the show, TiedFeetGuy.
    • Introverts and folks from repressive environments tend to more often into feet
    • Foot sucking and service can be an intense power play and show of total submission
    • Tickle torture is a common way tops can enjoy feet paired with bondage
    • Foot fetishism can be an obsession, a primal lust and need for worship. Foot pigs will pay for used smelly socks for example.
    • Foot fucking and foot jobs can be an intense sensation for both
    • It’s hard to introduce your foot fetish to a potential partner. Many get very self conscious about the social stigma.

About Our Guest

James T. Medak is the author of five best-selling erotic tomes, including Getting Off on the Wrong Foot, How to be a Foot Pig, and an anthology called The Best Foot Forward. When not working on his sixth novel, he maintains a popular Tumblr and continues to get into all sorts of kinky things with his boyfriend. He lives in Chicago.




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