Episode 216 – Safety Dance

Description of Show

The guys turn to the more sobering subject of safety – both personal safety and online safety.

 Show Notes

  • What Now? It is still Trump. Keep up the pressure, and be patient.
  • In the News
  • Safety. Even in the “liberal” neighborhoods, violence does happen.
  • Do the common-sense things for personal safety: Walk in well-lit areas, walk with other friends, and be simply aware of your surroundings (and put up your cell phone) as you walk.
  • Also if you are on-foot and being followed by a car: change to the opposite direction immediately. That will buy you some time to get out of the situation.
  • Flight, not fight: Always choose running away. Only resort to fighting if there is no escape from it.
  • Be the loudest fighter: Scream…shout…attract attention as much as possible.
  • Be an efficient fighter: Go for a kick to the kneecaps first. Hard to defend against and can be an effective attack to affect their mobility, which gives you a better chance to get away.
  • Other high-percentage areas to attack: the eyes, ears, and nose.
  • A good chest area to aim for is where the rib cage meets the sternum/breastbone. Hitting that area will likely knock the wind out of them.
  • What about guns for personal protection? Research shows that guns are only effective against attacks where you see them over 20 feet away. Also, if they are more than 20 feet away, you are safer running away versus shooting.
  • Another effective attack is to grab them by the collar, push back and pull them toward you as hard as you can. Can be very disorientating, and would give you more time to run away.
  • Use the weapons you have: your keys, a whistle, even a small metal baton.
  • Learn self-defense: Aikito, Karate, Krav Maga, and even boxing and mixed-martial arts.
  • Practice online safety: Keep your kink life separate by having different Facebook profiles for your private and public lives.
  • You do not publish your address or phone number for anyone to look at.
  • Also tend to communicate with well-established profiles with lots of online friends, even common friends.
  • Do not reveal your workplace and/or its location to anyone. Describe your job in generic terms.
  • Having face pics is an effort to show trust to others that they talk to. A person not having face pics and refuses to share them should be a big, red flag.


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