Episode 219 – Spreading (the word about) STDs REBROADCAST

This episode is a rebroadcast of Episode 21.


Also, Daddy Tony has spent many years as a volunteer and as a professional peer educator in the San Francisco community. He comes armed with years of experience talking about STDs and HIV from all kinds of backgrounds, including gay and kinky communities, so having his voice as a part of the show is critical perfect and I know he was very happy to be able to provide this information.

We made reference to some resources that are out there, which we will post up later this week in a new post. And be sure to check the show notes section for a reference to a TEDx talk about a possible public health message regarding reducing the spread of STDs sent in by Fossil9 (Thanks much Fossil!).

Show Notes

In the News

Listener Letter

A listener sent in the following mail that prompted us to start preparing for this show. The mail was:

I love the show and have been looking for this kind of show for a long time, and look forward to every episode. Can you do a myth of STD’s or a STD tip that would be great. I am a social worker and would love to recommend your podcast to my “let’s talk sex” Group.

Discussion Topics

  • Resources
  • There is more than HIV
  • Prevention Tips
  • HIV
  • PREP
  • Window of exposure
  • “Clean”?
  • TEDx: Rule of Three Discussion

About Our Guest

Karen Dykes is a nurse practitioner that specializes in infectious diseases, STD’s, and HIV. She lives in Seattle.

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