Episode 224 – Sir Yes Sir

This episode is a rebroadcast of Episode 99.


Being a gay kinky pup in the military can be a bit of a balancing act.  Thankfully, it is much less of an issue today than it has been in years past.  In this episode, we talk with three of our fellow kinksters who are or have served in the military: Pup Jimmy, who is currently on active duty as a reservist; Skuff Pup who was recently in the Marine Corps; and Daddy Tony, who served wayback in the Navy.  We talked about some of the differences in how gay men were treated in the military over the years and how Jimmy balances his work, gay, and kink lives while on active duty.  There’s some good stuff here you don’t want to miss!

Show Notes

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Discussion Topics

  • Serving in the military
  • Differences in the treatment of gay men in different military generations
  • Kinky while on active duty
  • Fooling around in the service

About Our Guests

Pup Jimmy

Jimmy Basset is a young Soldier in the Army reserves, out to and accepted by his closest battle buddies.  His battle buddies often accuse him of being “you kinky fuck” but they have no idea of the specifics or just how right they are. He was recently adopted by pup Tank and welcomed into that family by Tank’s other beta, Ace. Still new to the wide world of kink and the Atlanta kink scene, he’s having the time of his life making new friends in the community and learning what really gets him going. Often seen at the Atlanta Eagle on gear nights, there is no telling what he’ll be wearing or who will be scritching him.

You can find Jimmy Basset on Facebook at BlueBeaglePup on Recon as madein88 or around Atlanta in person.

Skuff Pup

Skuff Pup is an Alpha, bottom boy, big brother, and sometimes handler, living in the greater Seattle area. A long time member of the kink community, he moved to the Pacific Northwest from Florida in 2009, though he is an Arkansas native. Skuff’s primary kink is ABDL and age play as well as a part of the furry community. He is the resident Queerbilly (just a country pup at heart), an Australian Shepherd to be exact, and can be seen herding up the strays in his boots and Wranglers. Skuff is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, active duty from 1996-2007, and is now retired from active duty, but with the right boy, the SNCO has been known to make an appearance. Skuff loves scritches, leather, rubber, bondage, gas mask play (instant boner for those!), snuggling, and chasing RC cars and is an avid outdoors/camping pup. He also contributes to the NoSafeWord show by running the tumblr page. He was sidelined from play for over a year because of a spinal injury/surgery, but is well on the mend and back in action! So shoot him a message, he won’t bite. Well, maybe just a little..
You can find Skuff on Twitter as @Skuffpup, on Facebook as Skuff.pup and of course, shoot him an email at [email protected]


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