Episode 228 – Clique Schisms, Part 1

Description of Show

In the heat of the end of summer, we are here to update you on the craziness of the last week.

 Show Notes

  • What Now? 
  • In the News
    • There was a death at a British kink festival in the woods, Flamefest. There were nipple tassles, witches, and hedonism.
    • Queer Cripple Andrew Gurza is building the group DisabilityAfterDark to open up about the intersection of disability and sex.
    • When introducing your pubescent children to sex, don’t for get anal intercourse. Don’t expect your school’s teachers to broach this topic appropriately.
  • With a Telegram chat message from a listener, “My leather club is having a midlife crisis?” we discuss cliques in the gay kink community.
    • Certain kinks and sub-communities draw certain age groups and personalities of people
    • Puppies are a great place for younger and less experienced kinksters to join, and some older guard groups  feel resentment for the loss of past ways boys would publicly join the leather community
    • Gender bending boys still see widespread ostracism from the leather community as well, even as attitudes improve
    • We must evolve for the future, we cannot hold onto purely past ways of doing things and expect them to carry into the future
    • Leather contests need to be brought into a modern day purpose
    • Certain traditions like collars are evolving and shouldn’t be used as a wedge to push new people out of the community.

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Featured photo is Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2016 Jeremy Feist (left), Toronto Puppy 2016 “Pup Benny” (center), and International Person of Leather 2016/Ms. Leather Toronto 2016 Shahrazad (right) courtesy of the Black Eagle Kennel Klub.


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