Episode 229 – Clique Schisms, Part 2

Description of Show

In the heat of the end of summer, we are here to update you on the craziness of the last week.

 Show Notes

  • In the News
    • Man lands modeling career thanks to his genetically rare different colored eyes seen on his mugshot posted on Twitter.
    • Kathy Griffin is no longer sorry about the famous photo of a fake severed head of Donald Trump.
    • The “crying nazi” speaks out about his mistreatment by the public.
    • Male sex workers get sometimes bizarre requests from their Johns.
  • We continue our discussion of a Telegram chat by a listener from Episode 229 – Clique Schisms, Part 1
    • We discussed this letter from the perspective of defending the boys’ point of view. Now we wanted to discuss the other side of the argument.
    • Using the term “sleazy” marks a view of older men hitting on younger men that shows a bias against older men
    • Age range preferences posted on profiles publicly is discriminatory and denegrating
    • Sparky and Tony discuss some of their experiences with older men and now as older men with younger boys.
    • Sometimes men, regardless of age, can be sleazy. Older men are sometimes painted with a broad brush.
    • Infighting among our community is counterproductive to our shared common goals.
    • We should do what we can to eliminate “Us vs. Them”

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