Episode 232 – United Nations of Kinkdom

Description of Show

For this episode, we have a discussion with a group live from the UK on Skype during Manchester Leather Weekend!

Show Notes

  • How are the kink scenes different between the US and the UK?
  • Are there differences in the ways drug use is looked at and the drugs that are used?
  • Is Europe more “cosmopolitan” in general over the United States?
  • What about the use of PreP in the UK?
  • While the leather community and the rubber/latex community tend to be in the same group in the US, how does that differ in the UK?
  • Is the Sister community in the UK as much a crossover to kink as it is in the US?
  • What about the (non-racist) skinhead community in the UK and why is it more prevalent there than in the US?
  • Line dancing and lesbians in the UK??!!
  • Are women a big presence in the kink scene in the UK?
  • Does (country) size matter? DT Tony and Sparky talk about how the compactness of Europe makes a difference.


DT Tony lives in Chester, U.K., near Manchester and Liverpool. He is into BDSM, CP, face fucking, BC, gloves, oral, anal, CBT, TT, milking, dildos, electro, gags, leather, rubber, and so much more.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Stainless Steel Ass Hook, just $139.95:



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