Episode 233 – Yum my Yuk

Description of Show

Today on the podcast…yums…and yuks…and the men who love them.

 Show Notes

  • What Now? 
  • In the News
  • Don’t Yuk My Yum – Kink shaming
    • Is there ever a time that it is okay to shame someone’s kink?
      • Anything involving non-consensual acts or involving those who cannot consent.
      • Anything causing permanent physical disability.
    • So is there a way to politely or altruistically yuk someone’s yum?
    • There are borderline cases where every individual has the right to make up their own mind about it. Examples being “playing Nazi” or racial play.
    • Still, a yuk definitely can become a yum – since a yuk really has more to it than you think.

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