Episode 234 – Match Game Again

It is that time of year again. In celebration of DFT’s birthday we have a party in the studio with a bunch of friends and play Match Game. This year we had a bit of a theme! Sisters!

First, our special guest contestant was my own real life Sister, Beth! She was up for a visit and got to experience a house full of friends and frolic! Well, not so much frolic, because that would be weird. She was one of the contestants for the game, squaring off with my best friend from college, Antonio! At one time he was kind of like a sister to me too, but that is for another time

And our panel this year was Sisters as well. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. the Abbey of St Joan. We put together a panel, including DFT aka Gladys Pantzaroff, plus five more sisters.

Not a lot to this episode other than some good clean fun!

*Warning* controlling levels during a party is difficult, especially when some people where loud near the mics. We recommend that you listen with someone other than earbuds.


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