Episode 237 – Puppers On Poppers

Description of Show

This week we discuss what’s in the news and answer a couple letters from our listeners. In the spirit of #MeToo, we condemn the assholes the assault others for their own pleasure and power.

 Show Notes

  • In the News
  • Our guest today is Sparky’s pup, That Drew Lion, a.k.a. Brutus, the co-host of Ungagged.
  • The main topic: Poppers and Max Impact
    • Poppers:
      • Poppers is really videotape player head cleaner.
      • The most common chemical considered poppers is isobutyl nitrate, but there are many other chemicals in the nitrates that are also called poppers. Amyl nitrate is banned in the US.
      • Why do people do poppers?
        • It is inhaled
        • Euphoric, horny feeling
        • It relaxes the muscles very effectively and quickly, promoting a head rush
      • Also relaxes muscles involved in sex, including the rectum, vagina, throat, and even the urethra.
      •  The bad side to poppers
        • Headaches
        • Out of control feeling
      • Because of the different chemical makeup, the brands of poppers effects vary.
      • Those with respiratory problems should use caution since it causes respiratory irritation.
      • Not many states ban poppers completely. The sale of poppers is banned in Canada.
  • Max Impact
    • It is a product that is not considered poppers, and it has a much stronger effect.
    • It is the chemical ethyl chloride.
    • Usually in a spray bottle
    • It is much more in the realm of anesthesia.
    • There have been many deaths caused by Max Impact
    • Those new to poppers should stay away.
  • Either product can be addictive, and those who are addicted to it are not very fun in bed.
  • Your erection could also be difficult to get or maintain without poppers.
  • Poppers also should never be used while on Viagra, since both lower blood pressure and could lead to dizziness, fainting, and even death.
  • Overall, like any drug, use with caution. As Brutus said, poppers should only be used to accent a scene, but if it becomes a center of the scene, then it could be problematic.

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