Episode 238 – Whatever, Mistress!

Description of Show

Today’s show features Portland’s very own Ginger Vixen Mistress Pixie Fyre (on previously in Episode 200 We are 200Episode 165 Mistress Fyre and Episode 190 Cum Unity).

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
  • In the News
  • Our Guest Today – Mistress Pixie Fyre
    • Mistress Pixie talks about the role of protocol in her personal life, both sexual and non-sexual.
    • The best kind of service between a Dom and the sub is a two-way street
      • For example, the Dom can show a special kind of acknowledgement to a sub’s service as part of the protocol.
    • How is protocol established and effectively remembered?
      • Communication
      • Writing down those protocols agreed upon
      • Do it every time, every day
      • Checking back in with each other if a protocol is still beneficial to both parties
    • Protocol can occasionally lapse.
      • Understanding toward the other person is so important
      • If their life is super-busy or stressful, talk to them about it
      • Putting aside some protocols as a break may be necessary
    • The link between the Dom and the sub through protocol can be a great comfort in times of crisis. Mistress Pixie relates her battle with cancer this year and talks about how meaningful that is in times of crisis.
    • Service is not always fun for both sides of the power equation. Mistress Pixie talks about those kind of services, but an emphasis should be placed on services that are beneficial to the household or to the sub themselves.
    • Hey subs, you can give suggestions to your Dom (politely requested of course!) Offer your ideas to Them on ways to serve that will be fun for both of you.

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