Episode 239 – History of Latex Fetishism

Description of Show

Today we’re talking with a young enthusiastic rubber fetishist who created a popular YouTube video about the history of the fetish. We also talk about how it’s changed over the generations and penetrated modern pop culture.

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
    • Happy New Year? Time for a fresh start and new energy!
  • In the News
    • The HIV/AIDS Council has imploded and it’s uncertain when or if it will be restored. This handicaps the federal government’s ability to continue to reduce new infections and fight the epidemic in the face of a population that is growing more complacent.
    • Kink Yoga is a new way to combine sex with the benefits of Yoga to the body and mind.
  • Our Guest Today – Whiteout
    • Whiteout is a rubber fetishist who recently made a popular YouTube video, The History of Latex Fetishism
    • The raincoat made by Charles Mackintosh was the first widespread rubber clothing that kicked off further development and iterations of new kinds of clothing through the next century. With the internet, it’s become more accessible today than ever.
    • We were introduced to Whiteout by our friend Kinkidiver, previously on Episode 94 – The Last Half Mile and 180 – Like a Fine Wine…, who has been active in the rubber community for many years.
    • The rubber community doesn’t have a resource to maintain the history of the community like the Leather Archives and Museum. The Canadian Lesbian + Gay Archives maintains some resources.
    • Rubber is becoming more mainstream in popular and straight culture. Price is dropping and accessibility is improving, but knowledge about care and quality needs to be more widespread.

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