Episode 24 – Balancing a Kink Life

You will have to check out the letter below, a letter from a listener asking us about how we keep a balance of our kink life with our normal lives, so we take a few moments to explain how we keep the balance in our lives, and sometimes when we don’t.

This is a personal episode about us that we were looking forward to sharing!


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Listener Letter

 Hey, Boundsock45 again. Thought I submit my question in a more formal way this time around rather then sending it to your guys recon’s instead. I just listened to your guys most recent podcast, which was great by the way, but something came to mind that I was curious about. How do you guys (and forgive me if this doesn’t make sense or whatever) balance the kinky side of your guys life with the normal stuff that goes on or does it just blur into perfect harmony? For me (at least for the time being) I try to keep my parents completely in the dark about my gay/kinkyness and try to keep all that stuff completely out of my normal life. If you guys get a chance,  I would love to hear your guys answer.

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