Episode 240 – Dress Code: Optional

Description of Show

The decline of the gay leather bar… it’s almost a trope now. But, what is really going on in leather bars nowadays? And why are so many in decline or already closed? We share some of our experiences with our local bars and other bars we’ve been to in the past.

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
    • Our stable genius seems to be frightened by Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff
  • In the News
    • Good old Washington state allows a new “X gender” option along with male and female.
    • Be careful on gay apps such as Grindr. Case in point.
    • Those drugs in my butt? Not mine.
    • Even straight blogs are starting to share useful BDSM tips.
    • Non-stop prostate orgasms occur for man after a prostate infection.
    • A (slightly impaired) listener imparts his appreciation to the guys for being a positive force for kink.
  • About Leather Bars
    • They have definitely changed over the years.
    • Ah, the backrooms, the mazes, and those other sexy areas…are definitely more rare nowadays.
    • Social apps for gay men may have led to the downturn of the backroom
    • Bars today also tend to appeal to different demographics for better business, so men-only gay bars are few and far between.
    • Have gay bars being more inclusive hurt our experiences there?
    • Hey listeners…what do you think? We have gained a lot with more acceptance, but have we lost something? E-mail us or get on our Telegram group and let us talk about it.

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