Episode 241 – Chasing Bugs

Description of Show

Today’s show discusses the kink of bug chasing. Is it the taboo of taboo sex?

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
    • Trump, racism, Mike Pence’s preferences, etc.
  • In the News
  • Bug Chasing
    • This article introduces bug chasing, or the kink of an HIV-negative person who desires to acquire HIV. Do HIV exposure laws add to the kink?
    • HIV exposure laws, many of them passed over 30 years ago, need reform. California has recently lowered this crime from a felony to a misdemeanor.
    • How would a bug chaser’s kink change after they become HIV-positive?
    • Does this fetishization of HIV-positive people come from a place of stigmatizing HIV-positive people?
    • Some bug chasers talk about their fetish being about risky, taboo sex that is no different than other sorts of taboo sex.
    • Some others view bug chasing is a form of mental illness or a fetish that should never be encouraged.
    • The guys don’t necessary view it in either extreme. It is more of struggle for them to understand the kink.
    • Definitely there is much more to talk about, and the guys may address it again in a future show.

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