Episode 242 – Chasing Bugs Part 2

Description of Show

On today’s show the guys continue their discussion on bug chasers.

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
    • The shutdown. It’s 2018. Take action – get informed, get registered, and VOTE.
  • In the News
  • More About Bug Chasing
    • As with the last episode, refer again to this article.
    • Whenever a kink risks the health of the individual, then we do have to think about their mental health.
    • Getting to that person’s motivation for participating in self-destructive behavior is very important. Is this kink helping them or hurting them (permanently?)
    • Bug chasing is not a kink, to the extent that it is not recognized by other people into kink.
    • The guys do think we should tread carefully about shutting down communication with someone into bug chasing. We should be non-judgmental and open to sharing information with them.
    • It is hard to be completely non-judgmental. Maybe it is better to say to them that you do not have a full understanding of their kink but are willing to listen to them.

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