Episode 246 – Into the Weeds

Description of Show

Today’s show welcomes Pup Skuff to the show on a Friday night!

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
  • Our Guest Today – Pup Skuff
    • He talks about his show
    • He covers the many benefits of marijuana
    • He started consuming it much later in life than many others
    • Do marijuana and kink go together? There are many who think kink should be pot-free.
    • Daddy Tony talks about his love of the combination
    • …and the conversation drfts off to pizza….and we return.
    • Differences in pot strains
      • Indica…”in the couch.” They tend to be more sedating
        Sativa: A more creative, more active high
    • Kink does have responsibilities…so over-indulging on pot is not a good idea.
    • A bong newly named “The Grammy Award-winning Dolly Parton” leads to a bit of unexpected Dolly love.
    • Still, pot is a mild drug…and can go well with kink
    • Skuff has a new podcast starting up. It soon will be up at

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