Episode 247 – Gender Schmender

Description of Show

Today’s very special guest is Sister PussyWillow and she will discuss transgender and how they interact with the different kink communities.

 Show Notes

  • Our Guest Today – Sister PussyWillow
    • Transgender and the general kink community. Sister will give us some insight.
    • Pronouns. Always important.
    • With our guest, all three of us are Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, so they all talk about gender and being a Sister.
    • Talking of BDSM and Trans, what can the “typical” leather guy do to make Trans people more welcome?
    • The immortal line between a personal preference and being phobic of a community.
      • Where does it lie between a gay cisgendered male who is not attracted to female genitalia, and a trans man who has female genitalia?
      • Must a gay cisgendered male accept every invitation to sex with a trans man out of fear of being called transphobic?
      • Are personal preferences allowed?
    • Let’s go: RuPaul and the banning of trans women from RuPaul’s Drag Race (which Ru ended up rescinding the ban and apologizes.)
      • Will Ru recover from this, or is this time a step too far?
      • If things do go negative, does Ru still need to suffer a full shunning, or maybe just less attention?
      • What about drag and its general prohibition to cisgendered females (while trans men doing female drag does not seem to be a problem?)
    • The unfortunately-common question to trans males who do female drag: Why did you transition to male if you like to wear dresses?

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