Episode 249 – Is That Wrong?

Description of Show

The guys take on a variety of topics.

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
    • Roseanne is back it seems. Daddy Tony has some interesting other things he would rather watch.
  • In the News
  • Let’s Open Our Telegram Messages
    • A very hot topic in our forum discussed puppies who happen to be female.
      • While the pup community is overwhelmingly male, it does not mean puppies cannot be female. We are *all* free to be who we want to be.
      • It does create the issue of those puppies who would prefer to mosh with their own sex. There should be spaces at public mosh events where opposite-sex moshing is designated to happen.
      • Personal preferences are nothing to apologize about, and a cis-male pup having a private party can invite only male-identified pups.
      • At a public mosh in a public space, sex is normally not allowed, so anyone of any cis-gender should be able to attend, while attendees there have the right to choose who they get on the mat with.

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