Episode 253 – On The Rocks

Description of Show

Today’s show features our beloved pups from Ungagged Pup Brutus and Pup Boner, a.k.a. Drew and Mikey, as our guests today.

 Show Notes

  • In the News
  • A Listener Letter
    • The listener asks a very important question: when does domination go too far, especially for the sub, and when it is time for the sub to end the relationship?
    • It goes without saying, but if your life is in danger or you may harm yourself, call 911 and get yourself removed from that situation. Go to http://www.thehotline.org if you or a loved one are in danger.
    • Subs, you have a choice, and it is okay to step away from your relationship with your Dom.
    • If you are a Dom, you must be able to listen actively and effectively. You should not be a Dom otherwise.
    • To this particular listener, most of all, we hope you can talk to someone else about all this – from a simple friend to even a professional.
    • Being by yourself is also a perfectly awesome option, so there is always a choice.

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