Episode 257 – Consent Culture

Description of Show

A lot is changing in the age of #MeToo for women, but this is spilling over to other at-risk communities. There is abuse within the gay/queer/kink communities as well, and trans men and women are the biggest targets of abuse of all. We discuss our own actions and views of the past and how they seem cast in a different light now.

 Show Notes

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  • In the News
    • Out of all people, Scarlett Johansson was chosen to play a major upcoming trans role, passing over any trans actors. Her response and the studio’s tone-deaf marketing are part of the problem.
    • There appears to be a long pattern of abuse by Kevin Spacey against his coworkers. Him and other famous abusers like Cosby should be written off as archaric art.
    • Make Ecstasy Great Again, Trump-shaped pills among a huge drug bust in rural Indiana.
    • Ever got a USB cable stuck inside your penis? A kid in China did and it didn’t turn out to be a wise idea.

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