Episode 262 – Flogging the Monkey

Description of Show

Flogging, whipping, and paddling are common kinks but despite the seeming simplicity of the act, there are a lot of choices of an implement, as well as safety concerns to remember.

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
    • The origin of the phrase “tossing the salad”
  • In the News
  • Our Topic

    • Floggers
      • Cowhide (thud)
      • Mixed leather/rubber (stingy thud)
      • Elk (heavy thudder)
      • Suede looped falls (thudder, good for beginners)
      • Rotary cowhide
      • Rope flogger, (DIY, Made it in the early 90’s.)
      • Braided cat
    • Whips
      • 3ft single tale
      • Cat’s claw
    • Paddles
      • Leather
      • Wood
      • Leather/wood with holes
      • Rubber
      • Gloved
      • Bare hands
      • OTK
    • DIY
      • Spoons
      • Hairbrushes
      • Rope floggers
      • Paracord floggers

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Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode, we feature the Cluster Buster.


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