Episode 265 – Rumor Has It

Description of Show

A troubling death of a young man in the community leads to many questions about how he died and how he lived leading up to his untimely death. We don’t want to get into the details of his death due to the amount of rumor and speculation happening, but his situation does bring up some important topics for discussion.

 Show Notes

  • Our Topics
    • Silicone Oil Injections as Body Mod
      • Used for permanent enlargement
      • Potentially deadly if the loose silicone oil migrates to other parts of the body or bloodstream. This can happen at any time, even years later.
      • Once injected it’s impossible to totally remove or to prevent possible future complications
    • Kink-Abusive Relationships
      • Psychological abuse in the community is insidious and hard to spot from the outside
      • Many tenants of Dom/sub kink relationships can be easily twisted into abuse leading to a cascading spiral of further abuse
      • Be careful about becoming financially dependent or isolated from family or friends
      • A Dom can’t take the place of a lack of self-worth, and handing it over to them puts you into a dangerous situation that will not let you grow or heal

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