Episode 267 – What’s in a Number?

Description of Show

Happy birthday to Daddy Tony! In honor of his numerologically significant age of 55, we’re doing a reading of his numerology. Hear how correctly he’s been living his life so far!

 Show Notes

  • In the News
    • Sex therapists list 10 of the best sex toys for men
    • A short film discusses the 25th anniversary of the important film about AIDS, Philadelphia.
    • The film Bohemian Rhapsody, largely about Freddie Mercury, has come under some controversy for avoiding difficult subjects.
    • New Jersey “Pooperintendent” pled guilty to leaving his brown treats behind on the school track
    • Crazy woman is now engaged to a ghost after having numerous trysts with some previous apparitions
    • A felon discovers he can prematurely end his police questioning by farting incessantly until they leave him alone.

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