Episode 27 – Spanking

A listener sent in a letter regarding some questions about spanking (see below) that inspired us to talk about spanking for a few minutes. We invited on Boy Trav to talk about his experiences. Like many episodes, it really felt like there was so much more we could talk about, but we still cover quite a bit.

If you have any questions about spanking, want to share your own stories or comment on anything we said, be sure to send in a mail to the show!

Show Notes

In the News

Listener Letter

I came across an interesting article which claimed correlations between childhood spanking and sadomasochism. Here’s the link; the area in mention is under the section “Spanking and psychosexual development”. Can’t speak for everyone, but I wasn’t spanked as a child, yet I love to be beat like a SOB. Was wondering if you had an opinion about this article. http://nospank.net/sexdngrs.htm. Thanks, Jeff.

P.S. I love the show!! So grateful for all your informative, humorous info on all things kink. Keep it up!!    =))

About Our Guest

Boy Trav recently relocated to the Seattle area from Maine. Since he was a teenager, he has been into ABDL, spanking, and kink. He is excited to live in the Seattle area where he has many more opportunities to explore his sexuality as well as make more friends that understand his kinks. Find him on Twitter and Recon.


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