Episode 32 – Daddies Talking Daddies

Back when we first started planning the NoSafeWord show we made the decision to work on creating the website, designing the logos and setting up our social media outlets while at the same time recording some episodes that were not for immediate release. We didn’t have the mechanism to push out the episodes at the time, but we also put these episodes in cold storage for two reasons.

One was we wanted to have a library of episodes for when we couldn’t record a show, knowing that the month of July for us means constant work travel. So while we are away from home we have several episodes ready to post automatically for us.

The second reason is that we wanted to get the practice in for the show, an opportunity for us to work out the kinks (see what I did there?). But it was also a chance for all of us on the show to work out a flow between the two of us that we wanted to present. This means that the episode you are about to hear it a little raw.

Of those shows we put in the can, this is the first one, so those of us here at NoSafeWord HQ, it was our first episode. At the time we thought the first one should be about something that we (Daddy Tony & Sparky) share together, the journey of being Daddies. It was interesting to talk about the perspective of being a new Daddy (Sparky) as well as someone who has identified as a Daddy so much that its his name (DFT).

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more of our canned episodes, and will be back to recording new episodes in August!

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