Episode 35 – Listener Letter

In this episode, we had a lot going on! First and foremost, we talked about a letter that was sent in to the show from listener BearPaul. We had actually written about the letter back in a post on the blog, How to Get Over Fear, but on the show we talked about it in a bit more depth than on the blog.


  • This was Brett’s first show, but he was tied up and gagged! (Why did we stop doing that??)
  • We talked about self image, feeling safe and facing fears
  • And also, stories about our trip to the Mid-Atlantic Leather contest!

You’ve got to check out this show!

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One Response to Episode 35 – Listener Letter

  1. BearPaul August 7, 2013 at 5:44 PM #

    Hi Guys.

    BearPaul here, the author of the letter you covered in this discussion. I wasn’t expecting this. I do recall the letter being discussed on the old blog and the feedback I got and I did very much appreciate that, but this extra live-discussion of the issue is really appreciated.

    Since writing that initial letter, a lot has changed. I’m now just 37 days away from my trip over to Master Mike where I am to be his caged and collared Boy for a whole week! This amazing adventure came about following advice you discuss in your discussion. I reached out, made friends, both Top’s and bottom’s, and talked about my desires and fears of wanting to play. Master Mike became a very good friend to me indeed and he helped me through a lot of stuff, talking about all this, and a solid level of trust and friendship developed between us. Now, just 37 days away from flying across the Atlantic Ocean to get over to him, I am very much looking forward to my big adventure. Yes, there is also some apprehension, I can’t say there isn’t, but my gut no longer ties itself up into knots at the hint of an offer of play.

    Master Mike will be the first guy I will play with, the first guy I will submit to, and I can’t wait! WOOF WOOF!! He has really helped me a lot in finding my footing in regards to my fetish side and I feel very much at ease with him. I’m sure that flight to America will be the longest flight of my life and those butterflies may very well be invading during it, but I am practically counting down the milliseconds to the 15th September and can’t wait to finally meet Master Mike at the airport and for him to take ownership of me as his Boy for a whole week!! WOOF WOOF!!

    Thank you again for covering this topic in a live-discussion and for the great feedback, support, and kind words, I really do appreciate it!!

    Woof Woof!!

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