Episode 41 – One in the Kink, Two in the Stink

After we recorded our last episode with Neil (See Episodes 6 and 13 and 40) we had decided to do a show where we talk just about kink in general. We talk all the time about kink but we never really have defined it before now.

Before the show we asked both our in-studio audience and our listeners via twitter the following four questions:

  1. What does the word “Kink” mean to you?
  2. What was it that you found to be kinky at one time that has become less so as you have developed into kink?
  3. Is there a kink that you have that would be very embarrassing for you in your ‘vanilla’ friends were to find out?
  4. As kinksters we know that our kinks enrich our lives. What kink do you think your vanilla friends should pick up to make their lives better?

We spend a lot of time talking about this and many other things as well, we hope you enjoy!


Show Notes

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About Our Guest

Neil has been doing hypnosis since 2001, at first as a hobby (and tool of sexual exploration) and since 2009, as a full-time job. Practicing hypnosis lead him to discover his dominant side and explore the BDSM world. Neil lives in New York City. Find him on TwitterRecon, and his blog The Erotic Hypnotist.


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