Episode 45 – A Shot in the Dart

This week we have the honor of being joined by none other than Sir Dart of Dart’s Domain. From the beginning of this podcast we had hoped to get certain people on the show because we love and respect their work, and Dart was at the top of that list!

We talk about numerous things, including his early days of doing shoots with Bound and Gagged Magazine and Captured Guys. We explore the journey he went on to be come a leather man himself, as well as discuss some of the current and past viewpoints about what being a leather man means.

We talk about his own podcast and what he hopes to do with it in the future. And we talk all about the relationship between him and his really hot husband!

And finally, for those of you that haven’t hear the story about him and Captain Janeway, now is your chance!

We had a great time with him, and can’t wait for him to come back!


Show Notes

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About Our Guest

Dart has loved bondage and kink for many years. He started out as a sub and now nothing turns his crank more than being a muscled up sub roped at his mercy. He embraces the idea of being a part of the “New Guard” of leather and using kink to feel GOOD and have FUN! He stays active playing/judging/teaching/performing at leather and BDSM events around the country. He lives near Atlanta with his partner Bart. Find him at his blog Dart’s Domain.


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