Episode 49 – Drewlion

A friend of the show was coming to town for some interviews as he is interested in moving to the Pacific Northwest, so we decided to spend some time getting to know him.

Drewlion is coming at his kinks from a variety of places; furry, boy, puppy, switch. It is always fascinating to hear how each person learns and grows in how they approach their sexuality. And that is exactly why we like to talk to people like Drew. He has a boyfriend, and a Sir and an Alpha, and we talk about how he approaches this relationship. We also spend some time talking about his family situation.

Hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as we did!

Show Notes

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About Our Guest

DrewLion is a kinky boy who grew up in seeming isolation in Arkansas. Soon he hopes to move to Seattle. Despite the lack of many kinsters locally, he’s managed to find a boyfriend, and a Sir, and an Alpha to keep him company and watch over him. Find him on Twitter and Recon.


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