Episode 85 – Slyy

For this episode we talk with the man that is pulling the strings behind the curtain for our show, or rather, pushing all the buttons. Slyy is our engineer, and each week he comes out to help us out by running the sound equipment, readying the show for posting and writing up these posts. As you may notice, he isn’t doing it this time, much better than I am!

Sometimes we are asked about the people that are on the show with us and we thought we would share with you all a bit about our friend Slyy. We find out where he came from, how he came to Seattle and all about his kink journey. And you see some more of the special relationship of the team here that usually is only ever in the pre-show.

This was a fun show and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  •  When did he come out of the closet and come out as kinky
  • It’s Slyy’s Birthday
  • His discovery of CBT as a kink
  • Glory hols were the grinder of the 90’s
  • And much more!



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