Follow up to the Poppers Episode

Hey there all! We recently did a show about poppers that I think was a lot of fun to talk about. And one of our listeners sent in some information that I thought was helpful for all you guys out there that are curious about play with poppers can could benefit from some additional info.

If you didn’t listen to the show, you can check it out here! Shorts 04 – Poppers

Thanks to dijkstra for sending this in!

Just listened to your poppers episode. As someone who has used poppers for many years, taught a number of boys about poppers, and even reviews them ( I thought your episode was spot on. Well done. You covered a lot of good information on their history, use, and safety.

Given my inclination for education and safety I thought I pass along a few safety rules I use myself and teach others regarding poppers. Hopefully this can be useful to you or your audience.

  • Never open a bottle with lube on your hands. Always wipe your hands off first, its too easy to drop an open bottom if your hands are slippery.
  • Never give poppers directly from the bottle to a bottom/sub who’s head is laying down. Again it is too easy to spill if the bottle is tilted to one side.
  • Instead, use a small square of toilet paper soaked with poppers to give to a bottom/sub who is laying down. Using TP over cotton balls has a big advantage. Besides eliminating the possibility of spilling, once you are done you can toss the TP in the toilet so it doesn’t linger (and smell) in your trashcan.
  • When giving poppers to a sub, give the poppers to the sub first, then sniff yourself. As a dom you want to be in control at all times. If you sniff first then let the sub sniff, you risk loosing some of that control due to getting high yourself.
  • When introducing poppers to a boy, start slow, and use a brand of poppers that is smooth or a bottle that has been open a day or two. Start the boy off with one sniff. If he likes, then give him two, always go at his pace.
  • If a boy doesn’t like poppers, respect his limits. They are not for everyone.

Once again I hope these safety tips can be of some use. I’ve really enjoyed listening to your podcast. One of the things I have discovered by listening to your podcast is my own desire to be more involved in the community. Keep up the good work and I hope to see and meet you at MAL.


Erik (dijkstra)

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