MAL Condensed Report

  • Number of loads I had: 5
  • Number of orgasms I had: Lost track! (will explain in future posts why they are different)
  • Number of boys I made out with: 11 (no shit! It really was 11! Whew)
  • Number of hot guys spotted: They all wouldn’t sit still long enough to count
  • Number of puppies I kept thinking about because they weren’t there with me: 3 (you know who you are and missed each of you!)
  • Amount of money spent in the leather mart: Groan, don’t ask
  • Best new kink I tried: Hypno!
  • Best use of an old kink: Electro (finally maxed the box out on a boy, more on that later)
  • Number of brand new friends: 8 (how fucking awesome is that!)
  • Number of friends I didn’t get to spend enough time with: Way, way too many
  • Number of awesome Daddies who were hosts, guides, some times cooks,  always logistics coordinators, entertainers, and made for a perfect event: 2 (you know who you are!)
  • Funniest thing seen: A bellman taking out a luggage cart piled with the following; lots of luggage, a motorcross helmet, a leather motorcycle jacket, an industrial fan/blower, and a game of Twister. Must have been some night.
I know they can’t last forever, but damned if this wasn’t an awesome event. Thank you to everyone!
Note: There was a lot of consternation about the hotel and the rules, the new costs policies and some of the issues that came up. I know it wasn’t perfect for all, but it wasn’t that bad either. We have to realize that a change in venue was necessary, and there was some things that didn’t fire on all cylinders like we are used to. It was still a great event overall, and hopefully they improve it next time.

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