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MAL - Hypno Bondage




So, there is a final piece to the Hypno story that I haven’t shared yet. My willingness to write up play sessions lately has been a little diminished due to a hectic schedule, but this particular encounter is stuck in my mind as something I want to finish.

In the previous writings about MAL I talked about the hypno I had with Neil  but there was one part of the story that I have been looking forward to share, and I have been coordinating putting the words together with the boy involved.

Rugbylthr and I ended up at a friend’s house after MAL was over, this now two days after the Saturday described in the other posts. He and I met briefly on a different trip, though he was at the time with a Daddy friend of ours from Virginia, and since then my partner had met up with him, but this weekend was the first time I really got to know him.

He has this great look about him that I love. He comes off almost innocent yet experienced , strong and vulnerable. The kind of guy that can express two sides of the same coin with what appears to be little efforts. But then he gives that sidelong glance that is the window to the little devil inside.

I like that devil!

So he arrives on this night after MAL is over, heading on his way back up north to home, but stopping to see everyone again before getting on the road. Once he finds a spot to settle in, on the floor near a chair I slide myself over near him, and start to give him a back rub, and him rubbing my legs in return. All the while chatting with others, sharing jokes between us, laughing, touching, tumbling to the floor for cuddling and, well, dare I say, heavy petting (as a pup, I have always loved that phrase).

Now, in the previous stories I talked to you about the hypno and how it felt, including the effects of the “Orgasm” suggestion. Neil only had to grip my wrist and I would feel this wave of orgasms flood over my body, over and over. Had I been in the right mind to count, the count must have been in the mid double digits at least. But by the end of the night it was deminishing, and by the next day all that remained when Neil would grab my wrist was just kind of a tingle, or an echo of a tingle is a better way to put it.

And mind you, through it all, grabbing my wrist didn’t work for anyone else to give me an orgasm, just Neil. That is what made what happened next so surprising.

I was trying to draw out this playful part on the floor for as long as I thought I could, but there was too many people around for my liking, so we headed on up to the guest room. At this point, I am going to share what the boy wrote:

Between the legs of a sexy Daddy bear, I first laid my eyes on Sparky. It was the Sunday of MAL 2008 and the previous night I’d been brought by the bear to his friend’s house. The following morning, I found myself sitting on the floor between his legs, meeting a cadre of other men staying in the house, including Sparky and Dvous1. I was immediately attracted to both of them, but surrounded by this cadre of new and kinky faces, I could barely form words. Let alone say the words, “I’m into you.”

Three years later, I found myself sitting in the same room, now surrounded by a cadre of good friends and between Sparky’s legs. It was the Monday of MAL and we were all sharing our excitements and exploits. Rubbing Sparky’s legs and he rubbing my shoulders, I lamented to myself that I hadn’t made it clear to Sparky that I am into him. I had only stopped at the house to say goodbye.

With his hands on my shoulders, my will to leave melted and I melted into the comforting space between his calves. My hands moved up to his hamstrings and knees. I turned around to rub his quadriceps. Sparky laid down on the floor of the living room. I mashed my palms into his lats, traps and deltoids while perched on his ass. Sparky suggested we continue upstairs as conversation had continued around us.

Now shirtless and straddling his body, I massaged his front, pectorals and abdominals. Kissing deeply, tongues tangling and unraveling, continuing down the jaw line, supple neck, tender bites and soft growls. Tongue drawn down his body, lapping each pink nipple and meandering his torso. Gently holding his arms down while my tongue traced patterns along his body, up his neck and into deep kisses. Each time down his body moving slightly further south, rubbing his legs, pulling his jeans slightly to lick the space between his torso and legs. Slipping his jeans off, watching his bulge twitch, pulling his boxers aside, my tongue playing music in the groove between his legs and groin. Periodically, returning to kiss, lick and bite each other’s mouths, lips and necks.

To keep him from squirming, I held his arms and continued to lick his body. Down his stomach, up his side. Tickling, lapping, growling, grinding. Gripping his wrists tighter. Moaning, moaning and then jerking taut.

I was so far into feeling the erotic nature of Rugbylthr using his mouth to bite, lick, scratch pull, suck, all different parts of me, and the feeling of completely in the moment and without thought, I was in a trance like state. Truthfully I can’t tell you how long we were at it; for me it seemed like hours, and most of my head was just in this spot of thinking of nothing but what this hot boy was doing to me.

So here I am, moaning, writhing, cursing and touching him all over, and everything around me was just in a far away spot of my perception, when suddenly there was this snap back to reality.

That same feeling that I had associated to Neil, whenever he could grab my wrist, this intense mental orgasm came back with a vengence, just like when I was at level ten on the horny scale and he would do the same thing to me on the floor of MAL. I am in that moment aware that this boy has me by that same wrist, in the same firmness. It was just like waking up in the middle o f the night to the sound of a car crash outside; first delirium, then a sudden rush of WTF, and finally realization about what was happening.

A little freaked I told him what I thought was happening (though I didn’t know was possible). This is where the devil shows up. He just goes at it again. Grabbing my wrist, biting and licking and holding me down as I go through another wave of mental orgasm.

Piqued, he told me to stop and offered explanation that I may have tapped into a hypnotic suggestion. He explained his encounter on Saturday with Neil. Intrigued and incensed, we continued our row. His legs now on either of my shoulders, I held his hips and worked his groove, making him squirm. Holding him tighter, I followed the line up his body, working the tender spot above his femoral artery.

Then, I pounced. I tightened my grip on his arms and firmly mouthed his inner wrist – an impassioned kiss out of a vampiric dream. When he tried to pull away, not so much a kiss as a gnaw. Trapped under my body, but free to squirm. Moans growing, hips bucking, while I just grinned, took a breath and looked at his eyes and face. He sighed and his muscles relaxed in a sigh.

I pounced again. Waves of moaning, writhing, and torquing, but I held fast to his wrist, less concerned about holding him down. I came up for air as I heard someone in the hall. In our haste, we’d not closed the door.

I pounced a third time. I could see the figure peering into the room in my periphery. Too fascinated and engrossed, I didn’t look up to identify the figure. I only know I was holding Sparky’s wrist with both hands now, as he yelled pleasures and obscenities. I couldn’t help but continue my assault. I was no longer holding his body down, only his arm in order to maintain the control and pleasure. He writhed and jerked and shivered – the continued shivers of heavy orgasm. I released him and laid next to him. We kissed.

DVous1 came up a few minutes later when “we stopped hearing screaming in the living room and figured you were done.” Sparky and I just looked at each other and laughed.

Near as I can tell, this boy used his passion of the moment to put me in a trance like state, which brought back up the suggestions that were there from the other night. To do so I had to be in a moment of pure relaxation, feeling safe and secure and in the moment, without distraction.

Those who know me, they will tell you I am wound tight, so for me to let him in like that, well… it doesn’t happen often. That makes this moment, well, something special, just as he is a special boy.

Coming up, he will be one of our roommates at IML.

Can’t wait!

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