Sad News of Another Loss

As seen on a friend’s blog, there is an announcement of another loss in the community due to self breath play.

It is extremely sad to hear of this loss, and our hearts go out to the family and friends of Pup Kai.

As a practitioner of breath play myself, at times like these I question if it is a good idea to do so. Just yesterday I engaged in a scene with a close friend where the scene ended with me putting a bag over his head then cutting off the air with a strap around the neck. I do this kind of play with this friend because we have talked through the play, what is is capable of and how far he is willing to go.

I also think of this site that I have been going to recently, called the Breath Control Network (which has been down for some reason) and can’t help but to start making some connections. There are a lot of great videos on there that I enjoy, but there are also a lot on there that I don’t enjoy because they involve death or near death experiences.

I am not into breath play because it is about death. I am into it because as you run out of air the orgasm you get is much more heightened.

But at times like this, when we have yet another life taken too soon when someone is acting out a fantasy they shouldn’t be doing alone and should know better I start to question myself.

Is posting up images and videos involving breath play, even when done reasonably and responsibly on my part, leading others to be willing to take unnecessary risks in their own play?

Should we all not consider being more forceful in our protestations to every person out there engaging in self breath play? If that helped one person would that not be worth it?

Hiding away breath play as a part of our kink world isn’t going to work. If anything, that is only going to make it worse, people are going to engage in this kind of play even if I hide my own participation in it. But I do think that perhaps we need to be more responsible about explaining how those scenes are set up safely and remind players out there they NEVER can do them alone.

Perhaps if we do that we can turn this death, and many others that have happened before, into something to learn from and stop future needless deaths.


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  1. Damien2 May 19, 2013 at 10:03 PM #

    Very well written!

    Sparky, you know that I enjoy breath play ;-)

    The take away that everyone should always remember is NEVER do breath control alone.

    I hear about too many deaths of guys around our age (and younger) that die from solo breath play. There is NO WAY to do it safely on your own.

    -Damien2 (Jeof Pierson)

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